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重庆特 菜

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Hotpot - is the most famous and favorite dish in Chongqing. Chongqing local people consider the hot pot a local specialty, which is noted for its peppery and spicy, scalding yet fresh and tender. People gather around a small pot boiled with charcoal, electric or gas filled with flavorful and nutritious soup base. You have a choice of spicy, pure and combo for the soup base. Thin sliced raw meat, fish, various bean curd products and all kinds of vegetables are boiled in the soup base. You then dip them in a little bowl of special sauce. Be carefulwhenthe spicy soup base is burning hot.

Hotpot first eaten by poor boatmen of the Yangtze River, and then spread westwards to the rest of Sichuan. Now is a very popular local flavor and can be found of every corner of the city. There are a great variety of hotpots, including Yuanyang Hotpot, Four Tastes Hotpot, Yaoshan Hotpot and Fish Head Hotpot. If you are adventurous enough, you can basically cook anything with hot pot, e.g., pig's brain and duck's kidney.

Chongqing people love their hotpot, especially when the weather is steamy. The fire dances under the pot, the heavily oiled and spiced soup boils with hazy steam, and the people are bathed in sweat. Although hotpot can be found wherever there are street vendors or small restaurants, Chongqing hotpot has the greatest variety and is known for its delicious soup base and dipping sauce.

Hot and Sour Rice Noodles

Known as "the best noodle in the world", "Hot and sour rice noodles" is a widespread traditional snack in Chongqing urban and rural areas. It’s mainly made from sweet potato powder. There are two kinds: one is "water noodle" which is made from sweet potato starch; the other one is "dry noodle" which is processed into dry powder strip.


Quanshuiji (fried spicy diced chicken with soup) is a classic Chongqing dish. The Quanshuiji Street of South Mountains in Nan'an District, Chongqing is one of the must-go places for tourists to enjoy the most authentic Chongqing dish.

Glutinous Rice Balls

Knead the glutinous rice powder into a ball, fill with sweet stuffing and boil it. The skin of the rice ball is as white as jade bead and very thin. It is soft and sticky sweet.
  Chongqing is renowned for the mountain city small glutinous rice balls.

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